The Great Prayer

Listen to my sermon about the Lord's Prayer.  Recorded on Sunday October 6, 2019 at Unity of Fort Pierce. My talk opened with this short video clip, which you can't really hear in the audio of the sermon: And this is Rev. Dr. Rocco Errico Reciting the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic:

Reiki for Weight Loss

If you know anything about Reiki, you know that it is healing. Reiki can support you with ANY health goal, and while you may prefer to receive Reiki to experience overall well being and balance in life, you may also choose to work on a specific concern, such as releasing weight. Either way it will … Continue reading Reiki for Weight Loss

Technique-Working With Your Thoughts in Meditation

As Human Beings, our minds have a natural thinking process. Many people become frustrated and turned off from meditation because they can't seem to clear the mind of thoughts. If this sounds like you, perhaps exploring a different way of meditating could support you. Meditating does not mean having to strive to clear your mind … Continue reading Technique-Working With Your Thoughts in Meditation

Metaphysics can change your relationship with food and your body

Everything is possible through the law of mind action.  We can change our selves by changing our thoughts.  Blessings and affirmations are such a great way to intentionally and deliberately focus our thoughts, so that we may easily align with our highest good.  Our relationship with food, eating, and our body is important and if … Continue reading Metaphysics can change your relationship with food and your body

Shifting Energy with Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful energetic tool.  Your thoughts and spoken words have a vibration and creative energy.  Positive thought affirmations can be used to shift your energy into a higher state, and while being in a higher state, affirmations enhance and multiply your creative power. What does this mean exactly?  If you are feeling negative … Continue reading Shifting Energy with Affirmations