Shifting Energy with Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful energetic tool. Your thoughts and spoken words have a vibration and creative energy. Positive thought affirmations can be used to shift your energy into a higher state, and while being in a higher state, affirmations enhance and multiply your creative power.

What does this mean exactly? If you are feeling negative about any situation in your life, it is possible to shift into a positive frame of mind through affirmations. Be careful not to affirm any negative energy, because if you are focusing on feeling bad while you are affirming positive thoughts, you may be affirming the underlying energy. It may be necessary to clear the unwanted energy using denials. You can allow the energy of the positive thought affirmations to shift you out of any negativity and focus on the powerful, positive message. Shift your entire focus and being into the positive thought affirmation. When you are in a state of gratitude, this is an amazing time to practice affirmations, because they will be in alignment with your energy.

Where true power lies in practicing affirmations, is by allowing the practice to tune your mind into alignment with Divine Mind. Positive thought affirmations are absolute truths, and have the power to transform the way you identify yourself, and the world you live in.

I personally like to practice affirmations following prayer or meditation. I speak affirmations like mantras, sometimes with a mala bracelet or necklace.

Give it a try! Repeat each affirmation several times.

“I now release any and all past negativity, worry, and lack.”

“My higher self is always attracting good into my life.”

“I easily access peace, joy, and abundance now!”



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