Metaphysics can change your relationship with food and your body

Everything is possible through the law of mind action.  We can change our selves by changing our thoughts.  Blessings and affirmations are such a great way to intentionally and deliberately focus our thoughts, so that we may easily align with our highest good.  Our relationship with food, eating, and our body is important and if there is a need for healing, this can be done on a spiritual level.

I personally have had food sensitivities that were resolved through intention–I began blessing my food!  I actually started doing this after explaining to my own minister and coach that although I do not drink alcohol often because I don’t enjoy it, when I did have a glass of wine socially I would experience swelling afterwards.  I thought I might have had a sensitivity to sulfites, and I completely refrained due to the swelling.  She urged me to bless my wine to see if it helped, and after I began this practice I have never had a sensitivity since.  I now bless everything I put in or on my body.

So many of us have issues with food in one way or another.  Dieting, body issues, eating issues, food sensitivities, etc. can cause unnecessary stress in our lives.  Metaphysically we can handle this by praying, blessing, or affirming each time we eat!

This type of practice will automatically shift us into a state of mindful eating.  It will give us clarity as we state with intention our highest good for our body, which is health and wholeness.  Truly visualize that the food you eat completely nourishes and supports each cell of your body to develop its healthiest highest good.

This is an affirmation I learned in ministerial school, and after you read it I recommend feeling the energy behind it, or taking the words in on a vibrational level.  You do not need to memorize this, but you may customize your own food blessing that works for you.

I send forth the thought of blessing into the food that I am about to eat, and the aura of my thought surrounds it with positive vibrations.  When I eat this blessed food, therefore, it will produce further positive vibrations of health in the energies of my body.

Intentionally practice this spiritual mind affirmation each time you eat (and for everything you eat) for 21 days, and visualize your body in perfect health when you do so.


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