Technique-Working With Your Thoughts in Meditation

As Human Beings, our minds have a natural thinking process. Many people become frustrated and turned off from meditation because they can’t seem to clear the mind of thoughts. If this sounds like you, perhaps exploring a different way of meditating could support you.

Meditating does not mean having to strive to clear your mind completely of thought. Actually, in meditation it is best to NOT strive, and just be. Thoughts will arise naturally, and in meditation, you may prefer a technique that works with the mind, not against it. The technique described below works to support the way your mind naturally works, and does not encourage fixation on a goal of clearing the mind of thoughts.

Try this simple meditation technique for a few minutes today. as you practice you can increase the time in meditation and you will experience the numerous benefits.

  1. Make sure you are comfortable and seated in a relaxed position. You may lay down if you know that you won’t fall asleep.
  2. Choose a simple mantra, affirmation, or short positive statement. Some examples are “I am light,” “I am Peace,” “I am Blessed,” “I am a Child of God,” or simply “Jesus,” “God,” “Buddha,” “Om,” “Shanti,” etc.
  3. Close your eyes and in your mind recite your mantra. When you notice other thoughts arise, simply remember to go back to your mantra. You may experience the silence without needing to repeat your mantra often. If thoughts come in, re-focus your mind on your mantra.
  4. When you are ready to come out of meditation, transition your awareness gently by saying a short prayer or making a statement of gratitude. Such as, “I am thankful for having this experience.”

This technique of meditation honors oncoming thoughts and yet allows us to remain present in the moment in our experience of meditation, allowing us to center into the silence easily.


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