Reiki for Weight Loss

If you know anything about Reiki, you know that it is healing. Reiki can support you with ANY health goal, and while you may prefer to receive Reiki to experience overall well being and balance in life, you may also choose to work on a specific concern, such as releasing weight. Either way it will be very effective and driven by your intention.

I remember hearing in the past that Christina Aguilera credited her dramatic weight loss to Reiki, and I found an old article about it. This article really only touched on one aspect of why and how Reiki works for releasing weight. The reason the article talks about is due to stress reduction, and in this way, Reiki works universally to support weight loss. The client would not really need to be aware of anything else going on, and still experience the benefits. Reiki will release stress by moving the energy within your being to a harmonious state. In case you didn’t know, as your stress level increases so does the production of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is also nicknamed the “fat hormone” because when it is elevated it can lead to high blood sugar levels and increased fat storage in the abdomen. For information on how cortisol works in your body, I suggest doing your own research or asking your doctor. So what Christina experienced by having Reiki treatments was a release of stress through an energetic re-balancing which supported her body to naturally release the excess weight.

As a metaphysical practitioner, who is also a Reiki master, I can work with you to dramatically enhance the effects of Reiki for weight loss. A beautiful aspect of Reiki is that is heals on an emotional, and subconscious level. If you are willing to release weight for good, we can do the work to identify the root cause or reason that you are holding on to the weight. It may be a need that is otherwise unmet–for example a need to be held, which is very common. The work to identify the root is not difficult, you must only be willing. At this level, your Reiki session will become very intentional and specific. Reiki gives us a way to heal those emotions without having to dig into past trauma, so you can experience freedom NOW.

Other ways Reiki is helpful for weight loss is that it makes you aware of your body’s nutritional needs and stabilizes your appetite. You can also use Reiki energy throughout your day to enhance the benefits. Once you have experienced the healing energy of Reiki, “bless” your food by sending an intention that as it is digested in your body, healing energy is discharged. Same for water–send an intention before you drink it. Intend for the water to be cleansing and detoxifying. If you love crystals, choose a yellow one that we can charge with Reiki energy and use it as needed by placing it on your solar plexus chakra. This supports will power. Activate the flow of Reiki when you’re not having a treatment by loving your body and noticing that you feel different each day. Be in that feeling of peace, and tell your body that you love it!

Contact me today to start your personalized Reiki journey for releasing weight!


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